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Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 7.18.40 PM Isaac Rogers is Chief Innovation Officer for 20|20 Research, a global provider of online qualitative tools and support services.  As CIO, Isaac is responsible for product strategy and development, and is in charge of charting the course for the next-generation of 20|20’s international online research platforms. In just the past few months, Isaac has been instrumental in the launch of the world’s first global translation solution for online research, reinvented video testing with a breakthrough method for emotion-based facial coding, and filed three patents us with USPTO. Isaac is a regular presenter at industry conferences and events and his articles appear frequently in leading industry publications. Prior to joining 20|20 Research, Isaac’s career covered roles in business intelligence consulting, e-commerce, and government technology contracting.

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Nashville Business Journal CIO Awards

Nashville Business Journal

NBJ asked for nominations from the Nashville community. The nominees then filled out surveys, sharing a wide range of information regarding their accomplishments during the past year. A panel of judges scored those surveys, and the top-rated CIOs made the 2014 list.


20 Researchers You Need To Know, Survey Magazine

Today, 20|20 is considered one of the most innovative and technologically advanced firms in the industry.


Developing a Product Behavior Framework through Mobile Research: MRMW

Kuala Lumpur

January 31, 2013

The Mobile BRIC Revolution

Research World

May 1, 2013

Opportunities and lessons learned from mobile research studies in developing nations.

Integrating Online and Mobile Research

MSPA Bucharest, Romania

May 16, 2013

The workshop will cover topics including: using mobile media in shopping studies, conducting online focus groups and in-depth interviews, and adding mobile mystery shopping and online focus groups to your company’s portfolio of services.

Global Qualitative Tools Emerge(Link)


November 21, 2013

Today’s qualitative researcher has a wide selection of online tools at their disposal; online discussions, communities, real-time video groups and mobile tools are effective and well-developed platforms used in thousands of projects each year. While qualitative researchers have, at times, been accused of being somewhat slower to adopt online approaches than our colleagues in the quantitative world, the qualitative industry is catching on quickly.

Does the Market Research Industry have a Titanic data security problem?(Link)

Quirks Marketing Research Review

June 1, 2014

Five questions to ask your partners to ensure your project and data is adequately safeguarded.

Doing More with More(Link)

Research World Magazine

October 1, 2014

Multi-phase and hybrid studies yield greater depth. While single-phase consumer engagement still has its place, a new trend in global marketing research is the rise of multi-part or hybrid research projects.

The Evolution of Digital Qualitative Recruiting(Link)

Research World Connect

October 14, 2014

As time and cost pressures drive more researchers to seek faster and cheaper routes for qualitative recruiting, new technologies have recently emerged to fill the demand. Real-time recruiting tools, virtual intercept technologies and even mobile location-based recruiting now provide ways for marketers to better identify and interview respondents quickly and effectively.

Betting on your future: Why sweaty palms are important to the research industry.(Link)

Research World Connect

December 6, 2014

At this year’s ESOMAR Congress, 20/20 Research unveiled a virtual reality platform that allows researchers to simulate a multitude of consumer products and sensory experiences for more engaging, detailed and cost-effective market research. The technology harnesses virtual and augmented reality to place respondents in almost any setting, measure their responses and better understand their reactions and behavior. RW Connect was intrigued at how companies decide to take such gutsy chances on emerging technology

Coming of Age – How integrated quant and qual research benefits from digital methods(Link)

Research-Results.de (German publication)

April 6, 2015

The rapid technical development in the field of market research today allows researchers to deliver greater insights that seemed out of reach for a long time. Qualitative research is one branch that benefits from those changes. Isaac Rogers illustrates how quant and qual can be more easily integrated in a digital world.

The naysayer’s guide to virtual reality in market research(Link)

VUE magazine

April 20, 2015

Virtual reality (VR) is the current darling of the technology world. It’s hard to read the technology section of any leading publication without seeing at least one mention of virtual or augmented reality (AR). These technologies promise to revolutionize how human beings interact with technology by creating experiences so realistic that the mind begins to ignore the fact that what it’s seeing isn’t real.